Steps to join “Mekdar”

1-Sign up for a new account at, through this Website or "Mekdar" Mobile app.
2- Answer a simple questionnaire to find out what diet is right for you
Note: Please enter the exact weight, height, and waist circumference (abdominal circumference) measurements
3-A Physician Nutrition Consultant will contact you from within the “Mekdar” app, set your diet goals, and follow up your weekly diet.
4-You can communicate with your doctor around the clock from the "Chat / Messages" link from within the “Mekdar” app.
5- At the weekly diet follow-up appointment, you should update your new weight and measurements, and your doctor will communicate with you to set the new diet
6- “Body Weight Analysis Report" from within “Mekdar” application determines the current amount of fats and muscles in your body, and the safe normal range that is supposed to be achieved for weight, fats and muscles in your body.